President Kim Leadford of Areu Bros. Studios (right) and Founder Maylen Calienes (left) in attendance for New Normal Reading Series ATLANTA. Nasim’s script ABUELITA was one of two scripts chosen and read by local actors.


Photographed: Stella Doyle, Angie Castillo Davis, Denise Santos (Latinas in Media Co-Founder), Maylen Calienes (Latino Filmmakers Network Founder), Gaby Ortiz (Latinas in Media Co-Founder), Aileen Michelle, and Nasim.


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Nasim’s script ABUELITA has been chosen for the Latino Filmmakers Network’s New Normal Reading Series. The reading will be held on November 14 @ 7PM at Areu Bros. Studios–the first major Latino owned studio and also the former Tyler Perry Studios.


ABUELITA tells the story of a Puerto Rican woman must confront her darkest fears before she and her cousin can bring their ailing grandmother home safely. As Zara’s torment intensifies, division seeps into her family dynamic and a painful reality unravels before her. Are these signs of a dysfunctional family, or is something deeper going on?

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No Questions, No Advice, Stick To Yourself – words six strangers live by while seeking to better themselves in Emotions Anonymous. They don’t believe their lives are worth much – but each of them offer a different support line for another member. When true events come to light everything changes, and they do the only thing they can – band together.

Directed/Filmed/Edited by NASIM

Winner of “Award of Recognition” – Best Shorts Competition
Winner of “Best Message” – 2016 Christian Film Festival
Winner of “Best Student Mini Film” – 2016 Christian Film Festival
Nominated for “Most Inspirational” – 2016 International Christian Film Festival


Whitney Vesterfelt is not unlike any 23-year-old songwriter. She owns an iPod full of songs, some written by her and some by others. But lately she has kept one song on repeat.

Originally intended for someone else, this song reflects the path she now finds herself on. Her song entitled This Path illustrates the strength found in suffering – something Whitney knows all too well.